Laser welders for sale

Our range of laser welders covers all types of handheld laser welding.

$14,800.00 Ex. GST
Original price was: $18,800.00.Current price is: $17,800.00. Ex. GST
$17,800.00 Ex. GST
$22,000.00 Ex. GST
laser welding head V10 wire feed bracket
laser welding head V10 wire feed bracket

Handheld laser welders are revolutionising manufacturing in Australia. specialises in hand held laser welders, because our sister company Deliver-Eze parcel letterboxes has demonstrated their massive benefits.

Why use hand held laser welders?

– Very high return on investment and rapid payback.
– Hand held laser welders are more flexible than CNC or robotic types
– No need for expensive jigging. Less setup than robotic welding.
– Super fast! Very high output per worker.
– Typically 4 times faster than TIG. 4 time$ cheaper!!
– No need for highly skilled TIG welders. Less skilled labour can be used.
– Less HAZ, weld stain, and no rework or finishing in most cases.
– Less fire risk. Almost no sparks or spatter.
– Far less consumables and argon gas required, due to much faster welding.
– No need to remove galvanising before welding.

Laser welded pillar letterbox after primer
Laser welded pillar letterbox after primer
Laser control panel and welding head display
Laser control panel and welding head display

How much does a laser welder cost?

They range from $14,800 to $17,800. We have fibre lasers from 1kw up to 2kw or 2000W, with 1500W being the sweet spot for performance vs cost. Our 1500W water cooled models are the best value on the market, at AU$14,800.00 (ex. GST) with free delivery in Melbourne.  
Moving up to 2000W adds $3,000.

Our air cooled Lightwelder15 is AU$17,800 making it basically half the price of what the machinery sellers are charging. You will not beat our prices or service.

Laser welder buying guide

Please read the home page, this handheld laser welder page, and our product specifications. These contain basically all you need to know. When you buy one of our laser welders we will guide you through the setup and smaller details. If you have any questions feel free to call us.

Small portable laser welders

Although our lasers are much more efficient than the previous generation, cooling is the limiting factor for laser welder size and weight. The laser must be kept cool to avoid damaging the internals and reducing its life. Poorly designed laser welders get too hot in hot weather and have to be shut down, AKA run at a low duty cycle. This is the last thing you want in production!

Water chiller for laser welder
Water chiller for laser welder

How an air cooled laser welder stays cool

Our portable air cooled laser welder, Lightwelder15, achieves this in two light and compact ways. Firstly, reducing heat rejection by increasing efficiency through its 976nm input wavelength. Its effiency is at the top of the class at 42%. Secondly, by cooling the laser and also the welding head with a refrigerant loop and heat pump technology, like an air conditioner.  Using latent heat of evaporation transfers heat very effectively.  As a result, this 1.5 kiloWatt model can run all day at 35 degrees C, which is impressive.

Competing IPG units (2-3x our price) use heat pipes, which can’t transfer heat as quickly as refrigerant pumping.  Meanwhile Max (dearer and closer to 1300W than their advertised 1500W) uses fan cooling.  The graph shows how our refrigerant system beats the others hands down.  Note that running at high temperature greatly reduces laser life.

For a small cost premium over a water cooled unit, any business requiring portability should look seriously at our portable 1500W laser welder.

Frequently asked questions

The cost of laser welders continues to reduce over time, so as of 2023 a 1500W welder is the sweet spot, with best value for money in our opinion. A 1500 Watt laser welder will fully penetrate up to 3mm steel or stainless sheet, and up to 3mm Aluminium, or thicker Aluminium using the pulsed mode of our air cooled Lightwelder15. However, for any company that needs to weld thicker material, the 2000W water cooled version is not a large step up in price, costing less than AU$3,000 (or 20% in price) to get a power increase of 33% and run large jobs with the high throughput and quality laser welding delivers. That is excellent value and will quickly pay back the small extra investment.

Yes, a laser welder can do this because it stirs the metals using the laser path, running at high stirring speed.. This allows the metals to melt and lock together, similar to velcro hook and loops. It may require some tuning to get it right, but it can be done on many metal combinations. We have welded aluminium sheet with stainless steel wire, just to see it if would work, and it did(!) albeit the base metal became slightly brittle